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Allergy Prevention & Treatment

Once a problem allergen has been diagnosed, your next step is to work with your SSM Health allergist on developing a treatment plan. Your unique care plan may include allergy shots, medication, avoidance techniques, or a combination of these.

Allergen Avoidance Techniques

While we understand it is difficult to avoid problem causing allergens entirely, there are a few things you can do to lessen the impact they may have.

  • Change your furnace filter once per month
  • Clean your living space once per week
  • Select easy-to-clean home furnishings
  • Use a portable, room-sized air purifier
  • For seasonal allergies, begin taking antihistamines in anticipation of your seasonal symptoms

Allergy Shots

Your doctor may suggest the use of allergy shots as one component of your treatment plan. These are an effective and safe treatment option for people who suffer from a variety of moderate to severe allergy problems.

Allergy shots work by introducing small amounts of the substance you are allergic to, in gradually increasing amounts. Continued use of allergy shots improves the body’s natural resistance to the allergens and minimizes or eliminates the need for medications. Usually, allergy shots must be continued for several years, but in some cases they can be discontinued with long-term maintained immunity.

Ultimately, your treatment plan will be developed by you and your SSM Health allergy and immunology specialist. Schedule an appointment today and start working towards allergy relief.

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