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The Imaging Center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital provides advanced imaging services to obtain the safest and highest quality X-rays for your child. Caring for children of all ages, from fetal life to young adulthood, our team combines specialty expertise with a focus on each child’s individual needs to ensure the most accurate diagnostics.

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses x-rays to create "real-time" or video images of the body. It helps doctors see how an organ or body system functions and is used in a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The fluoroscopy procedures that we perform include:

What Can I Expect During This Procedure?

Our radiologists and radiologic technologists perform the procedures together. Most fluoroscopic exams require your child to lie on the table. The x-ray machine, called the "fluoro tower," is then brought across the body. The fluoro tower has a curtain on it so your child might feel like they’re lying in a tent or small car wash.

In many cases, a child is given a contrast material to highlight specific organs and blood vessels so they can be seen on an image. Contrast material can be swallowed, injected or given by an enema, depending on the type of exam and what part of the body is being studied. If your child has a known allergy to radiographic contrast, additional preparations may be necessary.

Our radiologist is able to move the fluoro tower around to visually follow the contrast material. Your child may be asked to move around in different positions, so that we can take x-rays of the exact area of interest. You, the doctor, and your child can view the images on a television monitor in the room, usually at the head of the x-ray table.

At SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital we allow one to two parents or guardians to accompany the child into the scanner room. Siblings or other family members will be asked to remain in the waiting room. We ask that patients and family members refrain from cell phone use in the exam room to limit distractions.

After the Exam

Our SLUCare Physician Group radiologists will review the results of the exam, interpret any findings, and send the results to your child’s doctor. From here, your child’s doctor will also review the findings and talk to you about the next step in your child’s medical care.

At SSM Health Cardinal Glennon, we look forward to caring for your child. With an experienced staff and state-of-the-art imaging technology, you can count on us to deliver the excellent care your child needs. To schedule your appointment today, please call 314-577-5652.

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