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Get In The Game

Parents, Before the Whistle Blows, Do the Safety Check

Get Ready...

My kids understand the basic skills of the sport before they get into the game.

My kids drink plenty of fluids before, during and after playing sports and eat a well-balanced diet.

Before the season begins, my kids get in shape for their sport and have regular check-ups with their doctor.

My child’s coach and/or athletic trainer have a list of emergency contacts just in case there is a problem.

When I carpool, I make sure all kids have their own seat belt or child safety seat and sit in a rear seat.

Get Set...

My kids warm-up and stretch before playing their sport.

My kids always wear the right, properly fitting protective gear as well as sunblock and bug repellent.

Field surfaces and playing areas are inspected and safe before my kids begin to play.

My kids play team sports under the supervision of a coach and/or certified athletic trainer.


My kids are properly supervised at all times.

My kids take regular rest breaks at practice and at the game.

My kids do not “play through an injury.”

Parents, coaches and players always practice good sportsmanship and play by the rules.

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