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My Legacy & Memories That Last

We often remember loved ones who have died through the stories we tell about them and the photographs they leave behind. Unfortunately, memories can fade, especially for those too young to understand or form memories of their loved ones. The My Legacy program helps preserve those recollections for families.

Through the My Legacy program, memories are preserved prior to a loved one's passing via interviews and photos and placed on CDs for families. The program is a partnership between SSM Health at Home Hospice and the University of Missouri-St. Louis and its Life Review Project.

The Memories That Last program makes a difference in the final days of our patients' lives and helps provide special memories for their loved ones. Funds are used to make a patient's last wish come true. The SSM Health at Home - Hospice team coordinates with the patient to help fulfill a wish that may include something as simple as a final fishing trip, a family outing to the zoo or a special family reunion. Our caregivers love to make these special occasions even more special.

For more information about the My Legacy or Memories That Last programs, call 314-989-2775.

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