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NAFTNet Complicated Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy Registry

The SSM Health Cardinal Glennon St. Louis Fetal Care Institute is currently enrolling patients to voluntarily participate in the NAFTNet Complicated Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy Registry. The purpose of this registry is to collect information related to complicated monochorionic twin pregnancies to help us, along with NAFTNet, monitor the effectiveness of current treatments.

Twin pregnancy consists of approximately 2% of all pregnancies within the United States. Monochorionic twin pregnancies, or identical twins, represent less than one third of all twin pregnancies. In cases of identical twins, they share one placenta. Typically, the twins are in different sacs of amniotic fluid. This type of twin pregnancy is called monochorionic (one placenta) and diamniotic (two sacs). In monochronionic pregnancies, diamniotic twins (mo-di twins)shared blood vessels, running from one twin to the other. If your doctor has noted this type of pregnancy for you, they will keep close observation of your pregnancy.

NATNet Complicated Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy Registry Participants

If you participate in this study, we will collect information from you, including your medical record and the medical records of your twins. This information includes:

  • Ultrasounds done on your twins
  • Any treatments performed
  • Complications that you experience during the pregnancy.

We would also like to collect information about your twins from birth to 30 days of life, or hospital discharge, whichever is less.

All of our patients receive the same treatment, whether they are in the study or not. Participation in the study does not change any routine care, nor does it include the collection of any samples. The data collected is entered into a national database for further research and studied. All participants are identified by a study ID number and the information will be combined with thousands of other mothers and twins.

For more information, email our research team or call them at 314-268-4037 (toll-free: 877-776-3385).

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