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Pediatric Heart Technology

Every day, our pediatric heart team uses advanced technology to diagnose and treat heart conditions in children. The following is a look at some of the life-saving technology we take advantage of to ensure your child receives the highest level of care possible.

Pediatric Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization

The Dorothy and Larry Dallas Heart Center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital has the region’s only hybrid cardiac catheterization suite. This unique space allows our SLUCare Physician Group cardiologists and heart surgeons to work alongside together, evaluating and treating heart problems in the same room. This means safer care, faster healing and a better recovery process for your child.

Cardiac MRI

Cardiac MRI is a painless, non-invasive test that uses imaging technology to take detailed photos of your child’s heart. These photos allow our specialists to examine the structure and function of your child’s heart and blood vessels.

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon is home to a 3.0 T MRI - which means more images are taken in a single scan, giving our cardio-radiologist a more detailed picture of your child’s heart.

Low-Dose Imaging

The imaging center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon offers the region’s lowest dose of radiation in pediatric imaging. To keep kids engaged during their procedure, they can control the color and theme of the room through an iPad and even pick out a movie to watch on the screen during their scan.

Closed-Circuit Video Streaming

When your child is having a heart procedure or surgery, a closed-circuit camera transmits what’s going on in the operating room to the Dorothy and Larry Dallas Heart Center. This keeps all members of your child’s care team informed of the procedure and its progress in real time. An informed and collaborative team is crucial to the best outcome for your child.

Fetal Cardiology

Learning about a congenital heart defect before your baby is born can help your family and care team plan for what’s best. Fetal echocardiograms and level II ultrasounds, paired with the expertise of the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute make this early detection possible. The St. Louis Fetal Care Institute is also located at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon and, like all of our health care teams, they work with multiple specialists and advanced technology to ensure the best care for your child.

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