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Whether it’s an ear infection or serious sinus condition, problems of the ear, nose, or throat (ENT) can affect any child, causing stress for the whole family. The SLUCare Physician Group at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital are experienced in evaluating and treating a range of conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat, and supporting your child’s specific needs throughout the process.

Tonsillitis in Children

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon ENTs are experts in evaluating and treating chronic ear infections in children.

Learn More About Tonsillitis

Ear Tubes & Children

We recommend ear tubes if your child has repeated ear infections (three or more times in six months) or has hearing loss caused by the persistent fluid in the middle ear.

Learn About the Benefits of Ear Tubes

Hearing Loss in Children

In the US, approximately three out of every 1,000 children are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. Learn about the initial evaluation and hearing aid selection process.

Learn About Hearing Aids

From a multi-disciplinary standpoint, we work hand-in-hand with a number of subspecialists to properly evaluate your child and determine the best treatment option. Our team includes pediatric ENT doctors and subspecialists including cardiologists, neurologists, radiologists, and audiologists. Together, we offer comprehensive services, providing both medical and surgical options as appropriate.

Ear, Nose & Throat Conditions We Treat

We treat the full range of ENT conditions, as well as head and neck disorders, including:

  • Ear tubes
  • Tonsillitis
  • Head and neck tumors
  • Stridor, sleep apnea and nasal obstruction
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Vascular malformation
  • Sinusitis
  • Nose bleeds
  • Voice/speech disorders
  • Ear noise and hearing loss

Many of these disorders may have a negative impact on your child’s quality of life, causing hearing loss and difficulty with speech, breathing problems or a lack of balance. Our team is able to evaluate the most complex cases, treating every aspect of your child’s condition.

If your child needs an ENT specialist, let our team and staff provide you the care and support to get your child back on track. We offer multiple treatment options and will develop a plan tailored to your child’s needs. From the time your child is diagnosed to their recovery, we coordinate with your child’s care team, putting your their needs at the center of care and helping your family breathe easier.

Call our office today at 314-577-5675 to schedule an appointment for your child’s initial evaluation. We’ll take it from there and discuss with you the best options for your child’s healing.

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