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Radiation Therapy

At SSM Health we specialize in offering patients personalized cancer treatment, with a proven track record of positive outcomes. One of the treatment options we specialize in is radiation therapy.

Imaging and radiation therapies are painless procedures that provide you with a more focused treatment. These procedures are designed to specifically place radiation in, or near, the tumor all while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

SSM Health radiation oncologists are leaders in their field of radiation therapy. They use some of the latest radiation treatment options in the fight against cancer.

Linear Accelerators

Designed to treat cancerous and benign tumors, the linear accelerator is the technology that delivers radiation therapy to tumors. 

An integral part of the linear accelerator, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is an advanced type of radiation therapy using 3D computed tomography (CT) images for a precise and effective delivery of radiation therapy. IMRT allows physicians to visually chart the location of the tumor and surrounding normal tissue while shaping the beams of radiation to the tumor. They then deliver high doses of radiation directly to cancer cells, while minimizing exposure to surrounding organs.

This therapy uses the linear accelerator to deliver small individual doses of radiation over multiple treatment sessions, so that the total accumulated dose is larger. It’s a precise and accurate delivery system. Each SBRT treatment is called a "fraction" and is sometimes called "fractionated" therapy.

SBRT is often used for treatment of tumors or lesions that may not respond well to surgery, chemotherapy, standard radiation or other treatments. For tumors and lesions in difficult locations, SBRT allows the physician to safely deliver high doses of radiation to the tumor while limiting dose to critical surrounding structures.

Delivers powerful tumor-destroying radiation therapy with precision and speed. The system gives SSM Health’s radiation oncologists and multidisciplinary teams the power to manage challenging cancers anywhere in the body, including the lung, abdomen, breast, and head and neck. It’s fast, powerful and it seamlessly integrates respiratory gating, imaging and treatment techniques.

Designed with the patient experience in mind, TrueBeam is quiet and provides a comfortable environment as the linear accelerator arcs over and around the patient. Enhanced communication technology enables a constant interaction between the patient and the therapist who operates the equipment.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy, or IGRT, uses 2D and 3D imaging to determine the exact location of cancerous tumors before or during radiation therapy treatments. This on-board imaging tracks the tumor’s position as it may shift slightly. Radiation beams are adjusted to pinpoint the cancerous area, maximizing treatment to the cancerous cells and it is used to treat tumors that are likely to move such as lung cancers.


MammoSite® is a patented process delivering radiation into a breast after a tumor has been removed through a lumpectomy. After the tumor is removed, a small balloon is attached to a thin catheter tube. This is then placed inside the lumpectomy cavity after a small incision is made in the breast. Next, the balloon is inflated with a saline solution so fitting snugly within the open cavity.

During treatment a computer-controlled High Dose Rate (HDR) machine is connected to a portion of the catheter that remains outside the breast. Once your radiation oncologist determines the necessary amount of radiation, it is delivered by the machine through the catheter. No radiation remains in the breast between treatments.


TomoTherapy® delivers a sophisticated form of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). It allows your doctor to combine treatment planning, CT image-guided patient positioning, and treatment delivery into one integrated system.

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