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Referral Guidelines

SSM Health wound care specialists are committed to working closely with your physician to ensure you get the care you deserve. We will provide prompt service and maintain consistent communication with your physician about your progress.

Physician Referrals

Wound care services require referral by a physician. Your physician may refer you for would care services for the following:

  • Wounds that fail to improve after 4 weeks of conventional treatment
  • Chronic wounds of every description
  • Chronic wound in patients with previous amputations
  • Chronic wounds with exposed/infected bone
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Evaluation for lymphedema
  • Ostomy skin issues

Types of Wounds We Treat

The types of wounds treated by SSM Health wound care specialists include:

  • Vascular leg ulcers (caused by inadequate blood flow through leg veins or arteries)
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Surgical or traumatic wounds
  • Wounds caused by edema (swelling), cancer, radiation treatment (skin breakdown), burns, infections and scleroderma (a disease of connective tissue in which scar tissue forms in the skin)
  • Ulcers due to vasculitic disease
  • Peristomal dermatitis
  • All other wound healing modalities

Our team will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your non-healing wound and customize a treatment plan to stimulate healing. Schedule an appointment today to learn about the state-of-the-art wound treatment options offered by our centers.

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