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Participating in an SSM Health Cardinal Glennon St. Louis Fetal Care Institute Research Study

By participating in an SSM Health Cardinal Glennon St. Louis Fetal Care Institute research study you play an important role in improving care for families experiencing similar situation to yours. The information learned from your participation will be used to help develop new diagnostic, treatment and fetal care techniques, all in the hopes of better outcomes.

Research studies have strict guidelines for who may participate in a study. If you are eligible for, and decide to participate in a research study at the Cardinal Glennon St. Louis Fetal Care Institute there are a few important things to know:

  • Ask questions: learn about the study and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable
  • It’s your choice: being involved with a research study is completely voluntary
  • You can leave the study: if you join a study you may stop participating at any time
  • There are no promises: research changes over time and there is no guaranteed outcome from participating in a study

One of our research nurses will work with you and your family throughout the process, which may extend beyond the delivery of your baby. The research team is always available to discuss details of the study, and answer any questions you have.

After meeting with your research nurse you will know:

  • Why the research is being conducted
  • Details about the study and how it is being conducted
  • Any possible risks or benefits to you or your baby
  • Other options that may be available, instead of participating in the study
  • How you and your baby’s health information will be treated during the study and after completion
  • If you will incur any costs by participating in the study
  • Who to contact if you have any additional questions, or need more information about the study
  • How you can find out about the results of the study

Learn more about current research studies being conducted at the Cardinal Glennon St. Louis Fetal Care Institute.

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