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Resources for Caregivers & Survivors

Resources for Stroke Patient Caregivers

Caring for a stroke survivor’s needs is a big job. It’s important that caregivers also prioritize their own needs. Taking breaks and reaching out for support are essential to your wellbeing when taking care of a loved one after a stroke.

Community resources, such as adult day care, meal programs, home health aide services, homemaker assistance and respite care may be helpful during this transition period. Ask the doctors and nurses on your family’s care team for information on additional local resources.

Resources for Stroke Survivors

As a stroke survivor, know that you’re not alone if your recovery journey. By connecting with other survivors, you can continue to learn about stroke and understand the care and support options available to you. Speak with your health care provider or visit our events section to find support groups in your area.

National organizations also offer online forums and reference materials to provide you the answers you’re seeking. These organizations also provide tips for daily living and ways for you to regain your independence. Many of these organizations also produce recovery guides, fact sheets, publications and other supplemental products to help you in your recovery. This information can be found at:

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