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SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton

Maternity at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton

Your Miracle. Our Mission.

SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton offers expert maternity services in south St. Louis County. Our Labor and Delivery combines a relaxing, family-oriented setting with innovative technology and the highest level of obstetrical care. We strive to make being in the hospital feel less like “being in a hospital." And we’re proud that 95% of moms who have their babies at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton say they would recommend us to a friend!

SSM Health supports many options for childbirth. We always keep your wishes and plans in mind first and will always work with your personal and family goals should the situation remain safe to do so.

Specialized Care & Offerings

  • An anesthesiologist and in-house obstetrician is on-site at all times.
  • For non-medicated births, we offer techniques to make you as comfortable as possible through the birth. Doulas are always welcome at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital!
  • Dedicated surgical suites are on the same floor if a Cesarean section (C-section) is necessary.
  • For mothers with a previous C-section, we can perform Vaginal Births After Cesarean section (VBACs) if you and your doctor determine it is appropriate and safe.
  • Continuous fetal monitoring
  • Regular and advanced Level II ultrasound
  • Amniocentesis
  • External cephalic version (a procedure to try and turn the baby if it’s in breech or ‘feet first’ position)
  • Pediatricians from SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital are available 24/7 to assist your obstetrician
  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists on-site from Saint Louis University are available 24/7 to care for mothers with high-risk pregnancies.
  • Level II Special Care Nursery supported by neonatologists from Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital for babies born at 32 weeks gestation or greater. 
  • In our fresh, comfortable setting, we provide personal one-on-one attention for Mother and Baby that includes care and instruction from highly trained nurses.
  • A quiet, private room offers a peaceful environment, which allows you to bond with your newest family member and get plenty of rest.
  • After delivery, your baby is bathed at your bedside and will remain in your room for the duration of your stay. This allows important mother-baby bonding as you get to know each other. If you need a rest, your baby can be looked after in the nursery.
  • Our mother-baby suites are carefully designed to promote safety and a faster recovery. Your medication is bar-coded and stored in your suite for efficiency and safety. An in-room computer securely stores medical records for real-time physician and care team updates.

Virtual and in-person guided tours* of our hospitals are available. These visits are a wonderful opportunity to learn about everything we offer moms and babies and ask any questions about labor and delivery and postpartum care.

*COVID-19 restrictions may require us to only offer virtual tours for a period of time. Please call to learn more.

  • From birthing classes to sibling classes and everything in between, SSM Health has you covered on things you need to know to prepare for baby. Sign up for a class today.
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