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Treatment Options

Depending on where you are at in your lung cancer journey, it may be time for you to start analyzing your treatment options. SSM Health’s cancer specialists are here to discuss every option available to you. They have access to the region’s most advanced technologies for diagnosing and treating multiple types of lung cancer. They have the knowledge, expertise and compassion you deserve when working through your cancer treatment.

Surgical Options for Lung Cancer

Our surgical oncologists are board-certified in a number of advanced surgical treatments for multiple lung cancer types. Surgery is used to completely remove the tumor from the lung and lymph nodes throughout the chest. Depending on your diagnosis, our surgical oncologists may recommend:

  • Lobectomy: removal of entire lobe of lung, including tumors found within
  • Wedge resection: removal of tumor(s) in addition to part of the normal lung
  • Pneumonectomy: removal of lung or part of lung
  • Minimally-invasive video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS): tiny camera (thoracoscope) inserted into the chest, used to guide surgeon during procedure
  • Segmental resection: removal of a segment of the lung
  • Sleeve resection: removal of the affected area of the lung and then sewing the two ends together

Radiation Therapies for Lung Cancer

Radiation therapy may be used, before or after lung cancer surgery, as a means to destroy additional cancer cells. This treatment option is often used because it helps lower the chances of the cancer returning or spreading into nearby lymph nodes. Our radiation oncologists also recommend these procedures because treatment is focused on the affected area, minimizing the side effects on healthy tissue. These treatments include:

Chemotherapy & Targeted Therapies for Thoracic Cancers

As part of your care, your medical oncologist may recommend chemotherapy or other medicine based therapies as part of your treatment plan. These are treatments that are taken orally or administered through an IV.

Other Lung Cancer Intervention

No two lung cancers are the same. The cancer specialists art SSM Health know and understand this. We realize that traditional treatments may not be your best option. That’s why we’re trained in other minimally invasive procedures, such as:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Image-guided biopsies, including cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation
  • Laser surgery to open a blocked airway
  • Navigational bronchoscopy and other interventional pulmonology procedures
  • PleurX catheter: used to drain fluid that may accumulate in tissue surrounding the lungs

After Lung Cancer Treatment

Following your treatment, our doctors encourage regular physical exams and screening. It’s important to develop a post-treatment care plan with your physician. Your overall health is a critical part to recovery. Our doctors are here to help you maintain a healthy diet and weight, and talk with you about the benefits of exercise in rebuilding strength and energy levels.

SSM Health is here to help you through your cancer treatments. You can trust your health with us. Call today and learn how we can help you on your path to healing.

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