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Convenient Care for Minor Injuries & Illnesses

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

When you need treatment for minor injuries and illness, but your doctor is not available, SSM Health Urgent Care and Express Clinic services have you covered. Our Urgent Care and Express Clinic locations combine easy-to-access services with our well-known standards for delivering the best care. Plus, using a health care clinic like ours can help you save the time and cost related to an emergency room visit.

To serve you better, please set your location for information on services available in your area.

Cold & Flu Information

Learn how to stay healthy this cold and flu season.

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Express Virtual Care

Now you can connect with an SSM Health provider online to get care for non-urgent illnesses and injuries.

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Urgent Care & Express Clinic Locations are Not for Emergency Care

You should not seek care at an SSM Health Urgent Care or SSM Health Express Clinic if you are experiencing a life-threatening or limb-threatening condition and/or have an illness that includes symptoms such as:

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • severe abdominal pain
  • dizziness, weakness, neck stiffness, vision disturbance or severe headaches
  • seizures
  • fever lasting more than four days

Or, if the patient is:

  • under age 1 (some urgent care locations will see children under 1; call for availability.)
  • pregnant
  • in need of psychiatric care

Anyone experiencing life-threatening symptoms should call 911 or immediately go to the nearest emergency room.

Urgent Care & Express Clinics Frequently Asked Questions

Hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day may vary. Please call your SSM Health Urgent Care location to confirm hours before your arrival.
Nationally, the average wait time to make an appointment with a primary care physician exceeds 20 days. Patients with everyday medical issues are faced with two options: wait for that appointment, or make an unnecessary, costly visit to the ER. The average Emergency Room visit lasts approximately 212 minutes. The average SSM Health Urgent Care visit lasts less than one hour, and is a fraction of the cost of the ER.
If your insurance plan requires a co-payment, you can make that at the time of your visit with personal check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.
Please bring your insurance card, driver's license or photo ID and any important medical information. Please be sure to let our staff know of ANY allergies, current medications and your medical history.
You may be treated and discharged shortly after being examined. You will need to check out with the receptionist before leaving SSM Health Urgent Care. If prescriptions are required, these will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

SSM Health Urgent Care is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to visiting the emergency room and is often significantly less expensive than the ER. We welcome individuals of all ages who can't be seen by their primary care physicians, yet don't feel they require hospital emergency services.

Most major urgent care centers contract with a variety of insurance companies. Urgent care centers generally have lower co-pays than that of an emergency room.

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